Assessed Activity 8.2 Winding up the Reflective Blog

What have I learn’t on my DLT journey

I have learn’t many things on my journey in the DLT environment. Where there is requirements on what is needed to have have adobe connect running to sanctification. What it takes to get that sort of learning environment to others around the globe without having to travel and meet people face to face. The resources are abundant you have access to it all around the internet eg Youtube, twitter, blog spots and more.

There are different techniques to get learning out there with the use of pedagogies eg case based learning, game based learning, etc. We all have a different styles of learning things like with VAKOG Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory. Talking about gustatory I am hungry for some learning and also for some food. 🙂

What I liked about my DLT journey

I liked that we had a little field trip to the music class and learn’t about how digital technology is used there. The sharing there is amazing. I liked the use of Adobe connect where I can access it online from anywhere where I have internet and a device to use it on. I enjoyed how I can make use of blogs, Twitter, Youtube more for learning.

I have put my CV up online still needs some updating. I have learn’t to link my pages together from different sites, this is quite handy as I and others can jump from on website about me to another.

Things that I think need improving

What I feel that is needed for improvements are that more digital learning tech to be integrated to the learning in the future classes. More improvements to the wikieducator will be nice, improved navigation where students can navigate around better. I hear some students have trouble at finding their way through the wiki.

I like the improvement you have made on EIT online Digital Learning coarse page. Tabbing the sections really helps. Looks much cleaner.


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