Assessed Activity 8.1 Examples of online courses

Youtube link to making a charm bracelet

Below is a comment I have made on the wikieducator page.

I have found an interesting tutorial Youtube video on how to make a DIY bracelet. DIY I believe stands for Do it yourself. The video has a interesting introduction of the instructor picking up her bracelet she dropped on the road and tucking herself under an on coming bus without getting hit. Then she proceeds clearly on how to make a DIY bracelet with her attractive accent. The camera was executed nicely showing the details closely with added effects of video editing detailing how it is done and showing the measurements. Audio was very clear which made the tutorial interesting.

The target audience will be mainly be female, there maybe some male audiences that are interested in making bracelets. Young girls may find interest in learning as well. The instructions are simple to follow for the average audience. It is interesting having the little introduction at the start to entertain the audience and make them feel some wow and humour. The close up of the bracelet being made is interesting with the video editing, showing arrows and measurements and other shapes

Here is the link on the wikieducator for the turorial

How I felt

I have learn’t how to make a DIY bracelet with simple steps to follow by the instructor Sara. It is enjoyable to watch and I recommend it to the target audience who are interested in making the bracelets.

There are other tutorials the Youtuber has made if you are interested in making more jewelry.


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