Skills for Teachers Assessed Blog Activity 3.3

Skills for Teachers First Reference


2- Use Social bookmarking to share resources with and between learners

3- Use blogs and wikis to create online platforms for students

4- Exploit digital images for classroom use

5- Use video content to engage students

6- Use infographics to visually stimulate students

15- Understand issues related to copyright and fair use of online materials

19- Use note taking tools to share interesting content with your students

20- Use of online sticky notes to capture interesting ideas


1- Create and edit  digital audio

7- Use Social networking sites to connect with colleagues and grow professionally

10- be able to detect plagiarized works in students assignments

13- Use and provide students with task management tools to organize their work and plan their learning

14- Use polling software to create a real-time survey in class

16- Use digital assessment tools to create quizzes

17- Find and evaluate authentic web based content

18- Use digital tools for time management purposes


8- Create and deliver asynchronous presentations and training sessions

9- Compile a digital e-portfolio for their own development

11- Create screen capture videos and tutorials

12- Curate web content for classroom learning

Kharbach, M. (2012). The 33 Digital skills every 21st Century Teacher should have. Retrieved from

Second Reference


Word processing skills

Spreadsheet/database skills

Electronic presentation skills

Web navigation/search skills

Basic hardware setup/connectivity knowledge and skills

E-mail management skills

Basic multimedia design skills

File management

Downloading software from the Internet

Installing computer software onto a computer system

Videoconferencing skills

Computer-related storage devices

Knowledge of scanners

Custom Internet search knowledge

Educational copyright knowledge

Interest in technology




Website design skills

Digital cameras (still & video)

Computer network knowledge applicable to your school system

Knowledge of virtual/e-learning environments

Knowledge of PDAs, smartphones, etc.

Computer security knowledge and safe practices


Basic troubleshooting skills (Is it plugged in?  Did you reboot? Yes? (for lols)


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