Pedagogies 2.1

Case-based learning

In hardware class John our hardware tutor at EIT gets us to look inside computers and show us what to do and not to do with the components. Also he tells us about the dangers if we plug in the anti static wrist band to the power socket. This helped me learn about how to put together a computer or what could be broken in the computer and also what components are compatible.

For elearning Youtube videos can show you steps how to fix and place components in a computer. To use Youtube you would need a device that can run it.

Project-based learning

For multimedia I had to learn how to use flash and choose a topic. I had learned how to create a flash explaining about badminton and made it interactive with moving objects and buttons with sounds. This was very fun to do and entertaining.

For elearning I had used Google search to search up how to do things in flash.

Resource based learning

Reading books like forgotten realms series I have learn’t about a lot of mythological creatures (Orcs, Goblins, etc), tools, fantasy things. I have picked up books in my lifetime including goosebumps series. All these books adds things to my imagination and opens my mind to the world around me. Stories likes to describe surroundings around the characters of the books.

For elearning you can have apps on tablets and read books on there easier than going to the library or buying books from a store.

Game-based learning

I have played many video games and I have learnt how to read maps and locate how to get somewhere and know where you are. Example Final Fantasy games is a rpg (role playing game). These games have a world map with many locations. Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game I played back my high school years. Many games have a map feature like Grand Theft Auto series, Destiny, The Elder Scrolls series, etc.

For elearning – Websites you can look for a walkthrough if you are lost or need help. You can play games on video game consoles, computers, phones, tablets or any other devices made.


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