Learning theories video Assessed Activity 1.1

Individualised and Ubiquitous learning.

Individualised learning is also called personalised learning it is how someone understands how they learn and learn to own and drive their learning, They’re also the co-designers of the curriculum and their environment of learning.

This helps them take control of what they learn in their own unique ways.  They have their own pace of learning, learning needs, and interests. The learning objectives and learning environment, methods, pace and content may all be different. [1]

Ubiquitous learning is we have many technology to find out how to do what we like to learn. We can use computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices to look up information instead of going to a learning institute. Back in the old days people had to physically see the teacher to get shown how to do things. [2]

Knowledge is more available to us humans now days as technology grows. The world now has the learning there for us 7 days a week and every hour.

The video on the website I noticed is the same video Michael Verhaart has put up for us to watch.


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